Our Meal Prep Schedule

Our Meal Prep Schedule

Most of the people who are dealing with some kind of dietary restrictions know the struggles with finding the best food options. Some people prefer to use delivery service for their meals, eat out in restaurants or cook their own food at home.  I wanted to write this article to share with you our meal prep plan, which works perfectly for us, and may provide some inspiration in case you are looking for some meal prep ideas.

When Brian started with his six-food elimination diet we did not have any other option than to start preparing his meals at home. As you may know, the six-food elimination diet is very strict, especially at the beginning of the diet, when you need to remove all 6 main allergens (wheat, milk, egg, nuts, soy, and shellfish). Hardly any restaurant or delivery food service will fulfill this dietary requirement.  Once we figured out which allergens we need to keep away from Brian’s food, we kept making our meals at home and came up with a cooking and meal prep schedule which works the best for us.

Since we both were quite busy with our lives and jobs, we decided that we will not be cooking a fresh meal every day, but rather start doing meal prep for several days ahead. We do not mind eating the same meal for few days in a row so we decided to do meal prep twice a week.  My two cooking days are Sunday and Wednesday. Both of these days, I am preparing two different recipes, one recipe for three lunches and the second recipe for three dinners. We realized that with this meal prep plan, we can save some time and money as well.

During weekends, we will usually eat out at least one meal or cook something more special at home to make our diet more fun and enjoyable. When eating out, we prefer restaurants or fast food places that offer proper allergen menus such as Cava, Chipotle, Nandos, steak places, and burger places offering gluten-free buns.

To add more variety to our diet or in times when we are too busy to cook, we are also ordering delivery service meals for a few days or a week. We tried Territory Foods and Freshly. Both of these subscription options will let you select your meals based on your allergen limitation and you can keep the subscription active only for occasional orders.

Here are few examples of our meal prep lunch and dinner boxes:








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